There come certain times in life when you’re forced to ask yourself questions you never thought you’d have to answer. Tough questions. Questions like: Would you eat a fresh Italian appetizer prepared by a washed-up West Coast rapper? After watching the first episode of Coolio’s new online cooking show, I’m proud to say that my answer is now an enthusiastic “Probably!” Give it a taste below (NSFW for reasons of language and cleavage), and check back after the jump for my verdict. Bon appetit!

Let’s cut to the Caprese: That salad looks pretty tasty, even to amilitantly lactose-intolerant guy like myself. (Maybe it’s the dash of”special spices” from a little plastic baggie that makes the whole thingcome together.) In a banquet of random celeb-created dishes, this wouldmake a fine prelude to chicken à la Walken.Anyway, the self-proclaimed “ghetto gourmet” has a pretty corny/limitedsense of humor,and he’s aged a distressing amount since “Gangsta’s Paradise.” But I’drather take his advice on the matter of olive oil (“You don’t want toget toomuch oil on it, because an oily salad ain’t s—!”) than hear RachaelRay say the phrase “E.V.O.O.” ever again. And considering that I haveapproximately zero interest in hearing a new Coolio song for the restof my life (sorry, Coolio), I applaud this new career path. Anyone elsehungry for seconds?