Sorry to be late, my fellow Mafia-osos. I had computer problems. Now, to the elephant in the room. Or more like mottled furry Pikachus. What in the world was Mia (Lucy Liu, right) wearing in the opening scene? And what kind of coat fits over a sweater with fluffy fur water wings? Mia’s fashion choices continue to be over the top, Caitlin’s often borderline bordello, but I LOVED Zoe’s sexy brown pin-striped business suit (as well as her updo), and Juliet (Miranda Otto) is starting to let her crimson mane loose as her divorce with Davis gets correspondingly messy.

Now to the changes of heart which everyone appeared to have last night. From a hospital bed with loyal Juliet nearby, Davis decided to be decent in the divorce until the doctor told him his “heart attack” was just an anxiety attack. And the fight’s back on! Juliet checked her former mate by triumphantly watching as cops towed away the Aston Martin Davis took back from her. Zoe (Frances O’Connor) and her creepy colleague Clayton competed for the senior managing director position while trying to land a bazillionaire client (where was ambitious associate Catherine during all this?). While getting a foot rub at what Zoe called a “glorified whore house”/geisha club, Zoe made the deal, then later lost the promotion to Clayton, and triumphantly quit. But did anyone else notice her curious limp? Bad foot rub??

Meanwhile, Mia goes to ex-fiancé Jack’s pad to reclaim their homemade sex video (supposedly all the ladies except Caitlin have one — not buyin’ it from any of them… except maybe Caitlin. Are you?). Mia and Jack later ended up in bed where Jack declared he wants another chance. But you can’t pull synthetic wool over the eyes of a fashion plate like Mia, and she figured out he only wanted to get back together because he regained his mojo by getting a new job as publisher of Mia’s competition. So she triumphantly returned the engagement ring to Jack.

And just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of the Alicia andCaitlin (Bonnie Somerville, left) relationship (and I tried, TVWatchers, I really tried), Alicia broke up with her (Alicia’s ex,Olivia, has come back into the picture, now that there’s a baby onboard). So a heartbroken Caitlin (still not buyin’ it) triumphantlystormed out the door with the “Family” photo album she bought forAlicia. And the evening ended with our changed ladies indulging inchocolate and vodka (two great tastes that taste great together??).

The night’s best line went to Caitlin (whose zingers sometimes fallflat, but when she’s on, she’s on!), in response to Mia who wondered ifthe universe was intentionally driving her back to Jack: “Please don’tgo by the universe. Every time I have done that, I’ve ended up in astrange apartment hunting for my thong.” How true dat.

Any favorite lines from you fans? Is Jack out of the picture forgood? Where was all the man candy from last week? At least it lookslike Mia’s brain surgeon’s back next week with a booty call!