CUTIE PIE. ALL MINE. If you enjoy those tiny chalky sweetheart candies with words as much as I do (my motto, sugar is magic, is especially true during these Hallmark made-up holidays), then you’ll eat up this sweet video treat. Call it viral Valentine’s art.

Just so you know, the artist is Phil Hansen, and his “Goodbye Art” stamp at the end refers to his mission of creating pieces that don’t last (though the documentation of his work obviously does last). Here, Hansen blogs about how made the whole sugary shebang, and he includes the A-B-C-themed lyrics that you hear him sing in the video.

Now, if you’re a Valentine’s grinch and tomorrow is just another annoying Thursday, I highly recommend a pick-me-up that keeps me entertained for hours (well, actually, only a few minutes at a time but the quality of amusement is what matters). Here’s all you do: Take almost any love song, and replace the word “love” — especially if “Love” is in the song title — with the word “lunch.” That’s it. Isn’t that so stupid and fun? “Lunch Will Keep Us Together”… “Lunch Is a Battlefield”… “All You Need Is Lunch”… Now you try!