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Hell hath no fury like an R&B diva scorned, especially at the Grammys. First there was Natalie Cole opening fire on Amy WInehouse. Now, in a statement released Tuesday, Aretha Franklin revealed that she, too, was incensed at a young upstart: she didn’t appreciate that Beyoncé, in her introduction of Tina Turner at Sunday’s awards show, referred to Turner as “the Queen.” There’s only one Queen of Soul, Franklin implied, and she was not amused. Though she concluded her statement with, “Love to Beyoncé anyway,” Beyoncé’s father/manager Mathew Knowles called Franklin’s remarks “ridiculous… childish… [and] unprofessional.” Ouch!

No word on what Turner thought of all this, or whether Franklin is angry at her, too, but surely even Turner would admit that Franklin, who’s all but trademarked her regal title, deserves to keep it exclusively. At the same time, if there were anyone else who deserved such a title, it would be Turner.

What say you, PopWatchers? Do you think Beyoncé meant to diss Aretha? Do you think Franklin overreacted? And who really deserves to be called “the Queen”?

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