The headline of my favourite news article at the moment is a little misleading. I read it and thought, huh? One bout of sex? Impossible. Sex is fleeting; a Plasma Is Forever. (Or until built-in obsolescence kicks in.) And Gary Susman said, “Heh, I misread the headline about swapping sex for aTV and thought it meant UK men were willing to have sex in order to geta TV. (Plasma ho’s!)” Oh, total plasma ho’s. But I’d venture to say most people (including me) consider themselves some sort of specialized technology ho’ already, without any sex involved. I’m an Apple ho’. Slezak’s a ho’. Mandi lives in 1983 with Liz Lemon’s beeper-salesman ex, so she’s actually not a ho’… Yet!

Anyway, we had to share this important UK finding. Half the men surveyed would give up six months of sex in exchange for a 50-inch plasma TV. This article raises important questions: Would you have sex for a plasma TV? (No-brainer.) But would you not have sex for a plasma TV? Let us know!

Addendum: When I e-mailed this story around the office with the subject line “Too much?”, our Managing Editor Jay Woodruff replied thusly: “Way too much — I think most people would give up sex for a 27-inch plasma.” The multi-talented maven then totally saved the website from international ridicule: “You’re missing a ‘t’ on ‘thought’ in second sentence.”