They’re out! Even if the escape itself wasn’t so exciting — and little more than the boys commando-crawling under jeeps — the chase so far has been smashing. Just our luck that when the going gets good, the show goes on hiatus after next week’s winter finale.

So apparently Michael’s whole “we have only thirty seconds to make it across no man’s land” warning was mumbo-jumbo. He made the whole thing up to trick Lechero, Bellick, and T-Bag into rushing out first, getting nabbed, and creating a diversion so the rest of the crew could make a clean getaway. Cheeky bastard. Luckily it worked, if only because not a single guard thought of looking under his car for the missing prisoners. I just wish the show’s producers had hired less of a ham to play the general hunting them down: every time he heard new information about the escape he’d make this angry, bug-eyed face that looked like he was in the middle of passing some painful gas.

So now we’ve got the group split in two, with Bellick, Lechero, T-Bag and Sucre still at Sona and Michael, Linc, Alex, Whistler, and McGrady on the run. I won’t spend too much time on McGrady: Nothing bad is gonna happen to that sweet boy and his faithful, good-in-a-pinch dad. I doubt they’ll make anything but a clean getaway. On the other hand, back at the prison, Lechero has been shot under the arm and is basically bleeding to death. Bellick is out of for the count, having been beaten practically to death by the prison guards even after giving away the location of Michael’s tunnel. T-bag has just implicated Sucre (who was practically in the clear) in the whole mess. It was a hateful move of course, but the guards were going to fillet his testes if he didn’t give them some info. And Sucre. Poor Sucre, I’d bet ten bucks he’s going to end up in Sona. Leave it to him to steal the identity of a man with a warrant out for his own arrest.

addCredit(“Prison Break’s Whistler and Mahone: Bill Matlock”)

Running (and swimming) around Panama we have Linc, Mike, Alex, andWhistley. First off, what’s going on between Alex and Whistley? Why wasAlex so ready to “drag [Whistler] by the hair” to safety after he hurthis ankle (and yes, I think it was faked, even if he was limping — moreon this later)? He also helped Whistler find material for a splint. I’msurprised he wasn’t driving the getaway truck when Whistley escaped.Which reminds me:I’m not sure I get why Whistler’s so willing to splitfrom the group (hence the bogus sprained ankle and his order for themto leave him there). Why doesn’t he want to turn himself in and savehis girlfriend? Does he think if he doesn’t show up they’ll just lether go? Or is he planning some kind of commando move to rescue her? Or —and I think this is it — is he just trying to make his ownescape so that he and Gretchen can run off and go back to work forthe Company? You know he was still carrying around that stopwatch withthe tracking device inside for a reason (unless of course the trackingdevice is in Linc’s cell phone, which is what I thought at first). Whywould Whistler need the device anyway? It’s pretty easy to count downfrom 24.

Anyway, here’s some more food for thought:

1. Why do the aerial views of the jungle look like broccoli?
2. Is L.J. trying to escape himself, and if so, why didn’t he think of this before?
3. What writer/producer/director had the gumption to have a character(one of the bus hijack victims) describe Linc (aka Dominic Purcell) as“over six feet?” I don’t care what anyone says, that guy is short. Ialmost hope it was a joke.
4. Wouldn’t you have gotten a tad more naked than our guys did for their little ocean swim? Seriously, shouldn’t all those wet clotheshave weighed them down? Sure, they’d have appeared a little odd comingout at the other end without their kit on, but they looked just asweird walking off the boat with no shoes.

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