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With an end to the WGA strike imminent, TV fans who’ve spent the past few months away from the tube, interacting with friends and family (yeah, right — e-mail/IM at best) are scrambling to find out when their beloved scripted shows will return. But since networks don’t have much time to make decisions on existing shows before the May announcement of the fall lineup, many of the series will only air four to eight new episodes — and most of them not until April or May. Many shows won’t return this spring at all. is now keeping a regularly updated list. What does it all mean? One thing for sure: Jericho (pictured), which returns tonight with a seven-episode run, has a great shot at catching on this time around. Check out our Jericho sesaon 2 cheat sheet to feel somewhat informed before tuning in.

The Lost gang will crank out five additional episodes, butthe season will be three hours shorter than producers had originallyaimed for. “We will have to condense some stories,” said executive producerCarlton Cuse, here.

Friday Night Lights is clearly endangered; join Best Week Ever‘s Dillon Panthers Boosters Club’s light bulb-sending campaign, here!

Which show are you most jonesin’ for? Personally, I’ve beenwarning my friends to “Never go with a hippie to a second location” forway too long now. They’ve figured out the hippie is me, and my sociallife has shattered. I obviously need some new 30 Rock lines to mouthto myself on the subway while I smile and people stare. Well, that wasa little TMI. What about you?

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30 Rock
30 Rock

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan star in the Emmy-winning comedy. You want to go to there.

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