You know the drill, even if at this point the drill sounds like a tinny, broken alarm buzz from one of Flava Flav’s busted clock necklaces. My personal Must List vote for the week is twofold: Thing 1 and Thing 2 from last night’s season premiere of Flavor of Love 3. Flav named them that, ostensibly because The Cat in the Hat is his fave piece of literature, but possibly because his eyes don’t even function at this point and all he sees are hovering shapes. But since that will never make the cut, send us your real suggestions (up to three) for the best TV, music, books, movies, games, and knee-slapping Internet triumphs of the week. Include your email address so we can contact you if your submission is chosen.* The deadline for entries is 8 a.m. tomorrow, February 13th.

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