You’ve waited so patiently, Mariah Carey fans; nearly three years since the release of 2005’s The Emancipation of Mimi. Behold, then, the Mariah Motherlode: Not only was her upcoming album’s title released today (it’s E=MC², physics fans!), but a sneak peak at a new track dropped online; listen here.

It’s not a bad mid-tempo jam — sunny, flirty, and syncopated just the way Mimi likes it; basically, classic Carey. But allow us to offer one quibble: What the eff is going with this recent Diva Cougar Complex? Janet just dropped an album full of bathroom-wall come-ons, and now Mariah, who used to be all, “I had a vision of love,” is cutting straight to “TOUCH MY MONKEY! TOUCH IT!” Are we being overly Amish here, or would it be nice to retain a little mystery? Your comment board awaits!