Half the fun of American Idol is in seeing a pharmacy clerk like Elliott Yamin or an auto-service rep like Chris Daughtry break out of a life of working-class anonymity and get a chance at record deal. Which is exactly why MTV’s idea for Rock the Cradle, in which children of celebrities will compete for music stardom, is so utterly unappealing.

Come on, MTV! No one wants to watch a show in which rich, privileged young people get help from a large corporate conglomerate in making all their dreams come true. (Unless one of those young people is Blanket Jackson.)

So step away from Rumer Willis, James Garfunkel, and Bobbi Kristina Brown. We’d rather you miss out on the next Jakob Dylan or Wilson Phillips than risk creating another Nicole Richie or Kim Kardashian 2.0.

You may, however, return a certain Billy Idol video to your rotation. Rock the cradle of love…yes the cradle of love… don’t rock easily, it’s true…

addCredit(“Crying babies: Don Hammond/Design Pics/Corbis”)

Hell to the No!
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