You’ve got to admire Carrie Underwood’s restraint: The season-four American Idol champ and multi-platinum country star could’ve called her latest single “American Girl Doll” instead of “All American Girl.” And the accompanying video could’ve been nothing more than a launching pad for a line of mid-priced toys that would’ve waged unholy war against the Barbies and Bratz of the world, turning America’s toy-store aisles into blood- and gore-soaked battlefields, the likes of which we haven’t seen since 300 hit theaters last year.

Then again, maybe that is the plan. I count no fewer than 29 different Underwoods — Veterinary Carrie! Newscaster Carrie! President Carrie! — in this slightly low-budget but extremely cute clip for a song that sounds like another guaranteed chart-topper. There is, after all, a Soldier Carrie included in the set, and we all know what “Before He Cheats” Carrie is capable of.

Oh, Barbie, it is so on.