Why do you sympathize with the ''Cloverfield'' monster? Our critic tells us why she felt more for the monster that devoured New York City than its protagonists

Why do you sympathize with the ”Cloverfield” monster?

DEAR LISA, I get the distinct impression that you had more sympathy for the monster devouring the city in Cloverfield than you did for the protagonists. I did not find the human characters vapid, self-absorbed, and with nothing important to say. You used these terms to describe people who risk their own lives to rescue a fellow ”twentysomething nincompoop.” Just because the characters are all young and good-looking doesn’t mean they are carbon copies of the truly vapid young people found on shows like The Hills. I think you should ease up and enjoy this monster movie without judging the survivors so harshly.
Michelle B., Indianapolis

DEAR MICHELLE, My preference for Cloverfield‘s monster over Cloverfield‘s mankind doesn’t mean I’ve gone over to the dark side — just that I’m taking the movie on its own snarky terms. I’m aware that the mayhem is as fake as the footage of Lady Liberty’s head rolling down the avenue. And I’m convinced that every guest at that Heineken ad of a loft party, unaware of imminent disaster, is just so excellently insufferable.

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