Taylor Dayne is back with a new video, and it couldn’t be gayer if it was sipping cosmos and watching Project Runway with Elton John. The concept for the “Beautiful” clip is murky (much like the hot tub Ms. Dayne slips into at the three-quarters mark), but the general concept is as follows: Taylor sports a bondage-y belt and tries to perfect the patented “sexy wall-slide.” (Sorry to say, but this move is best left to the under-25 set.) Shirtless dudes with meticulously waxed chests work an exercise ball on an industrial rooftop. Taylor in a goddess gown writhes on a bed, sings. Additional shirtless dudes frolic on trampolines, pout, and climb ladders. Also, one dude takes a shower, possibly in Taylor’s hotel suite. (Racy! Unclear!) Then, someone who looks like James Franco gets jiggy with it. The end.

Not the world’s greatest video, sure, but I have to say it’s awfully nice to hear Taylor’s voice, with all its iconic bombast, blaring over a midtempo dance beat once again. It’s like being transported back to the early ’90s, when you could hear actual melodies on the radio. Except in this case, the hair is a lot less terrifying.

Your thoughts?