Romantic DVDs for everyone -- ''Finding Nemo'' and ''Bull Durham'' are just two of our movie picks for the single, attached, and everyone in between

Romantic DVDs for everyone

Single? Attached? Sneaking around? There’s a DVD for you!

· When you’re yearning for a lost love: Vertigo
· To remind yourself that there are always more fish in the sea: Finding Nemo
· Because nothing says romance like seeing someone get his heart — ick! — ripped out of his chest: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
· For the (literally) codependent duo: Stuck on You
· She believes in ”soft, wet kisses that last three days,” he believes in ”the hanging curveball, high fiber, [and] good scotch.” They’ll both love: Bull Durham
· For the secret lovers (yes, that’s what they are): In the Mood for Love
· For the divorcée who’s back in the dating game: An Unmarried Woman
· To learn what it really means to stand by your man: The Crying Game

Finding Nemo
  • Movie
  • 100 minutes