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Mail from our readers

Survival of the Wittiest
Conan’s strike diary was possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen since Madonna in Swept Away.
Chris McVetta
Eastlake, Ohio

Words are at a premium during the writers’ strike. The five most priceless ones to date? ”The Complete Strike Survival Guide.”
Kaye McComas
Cambridge, Md.

Conan O’Brien’s strike diary provided much-needed levity. My own supply of DVR’d shows was dwindling, so I needed something to take my mind off the pain.
Kimberly Ciesiolka
South Bend, Ind.

Another way to survive the strike? Go to the theater. All around the U.S., there’s comedy and drama on both professional and amateur stages. There are revivals, not reruns, as well as an array of original works for those hungry for new stories. You have to leave home to enjoy theater, but to amend a line from a classic show, What good is sitting alone in your room anyway?
Howard Sherman
Executive Director, American Theatre Wing New York City

Prenatal Cares
I enjoyed your story on the support Juno is getting from both pro-life and pro-choice camps (News & Notes). The film is great mainly because so many people can relate to it, even though it deals with very serious, and often divisive, subject matter.
Brent Almond
Kensington, Md.

Juno has as much to do with the reality of teen pregnancy as Cloverfield has to do with science. I’m worried about the message it’s sending to kids out there: If you happen to get pregnant, just find some adoptive parents and everything will be A-OK.
Ivan Bukta
New York City

Known Commodity
I was surprised to see Lizzy Caplan dismissed in your Cloverfield review as part of a ”cast of unknown dudes and dudettes” (Movies). After Mean Girls, does she know she’s still waiting for her big break?
Glen Jordan Spangler
Laurel, Md.

Tome Machine
I’m so glad Stephen King talked about the Kindle (The Pop of King). It’s the best gadget ever for a book freak like me. Though I get King’s reluctance to abandon traditional books, this little puppy literally lets me carry 21 books wherever I go.
Linda Dalton
Las Vegas

To me, reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures. While the Kindle may be functional, it doesn’t have the artfulness of books or the accessibility of the library.
Marsha Lakes
Bend, Ore.

In Memoriam
Brad Renfro’s death doesn’t warrant a whole page in News & Notes? Even though he hadn’t been in many high-profile movies lately, he was an incredibly talented actor who deserved a better tribute.
Jessica Maki
Kaukauna, Wis.