Did anyone else feel like G3 was a tad boring last night? Okay, so Evelyn was devastated when her pseudo-lover Brooke (left) lost in the gauntlet, and the Veterans FINALLY lost a challenge (thank God — I was getting sick of their egos), but where was the spark, the flair, the… je ne sais quoi that we all expect from a typical episode?

Maybe it left when Brooke left? Seriously — if any of you remember what a nut job she was in The Real World: Denver season, than you’ll know that 99.9 percent of the reason she was probably asked to be on G3 was to bring more drama to it than Coral and Beth combined. Only her drama level peaked when she blew up at her team for not letting her be a soaker in the “Wring Out”challenge. I was thinking, Oh boy, heeerrreeeee cooommeees crazy Brooke, but then afterward, when she got voted into the gauntlet by her team she gave a speech to them that was so mature, level-headed, and downright commendable that I couldn’t believe it was actually coming out of her mouth. “I know I can’t change who I am, and I can’t change the fact that I was born fearful,” she declared, “but I can try to work on it, and improve on it as best as possible and that’s what I continue to do…” Then, of course, she lost to Jillian in “Ball Brawl,” which, if anything, did provoke a few funny quotes from the onlookers, like Coral’s “Brooke barely knows what day it is, let alone how to get there and back with a ball still in her hand.”

Casey can certainly sympathize with Evelyn, now that her G3 hook up, Johnny Bananas, is gone from the challenge, too. I love how MTV always edits the episode to focus on couples, and one of them inevitably ends up losing the gauntlet that day (last week’s episode focused on Tyler and Ryan).It’s kind of like on Lost when Shannon and Sayid started their romantic entanglement — we all knew Shannon was doomed. (Did I really just compare the RW/RR Challenge to Lost? Yeah, I think I did. Snap out of it, Lindsay!)

As usual, here are a few things I was ruminating about:

  • Evan and the rest of the “macho” drunk boys tied Zach down to achair to give him a buzz cut. (“Zach, this a trendy club, my friend,and you cannot come into this club with your cabbage head,” Evan toldthe cameras.) How much cuter is Zach now that we can see his face? Ordid you all like the mop of hair on his head?
  • Why was the first clue of the episode blurred when Coral readit? She claimed it said, “If you don’t do well on tomorrow’s challengeyou may be hung out to dry. Wear your bathing suites and tennis shoesand be ready in the morning.” But now I’m thinking, did it saysomething more risqué that needed to be blurred like, “Get your skankasses to the challenge tomorrow or else you and your you-know-what maybe hung out to dry. Wear whatever you have that doesn’t have puke allover it and be ready as soon as your hangover wears off.”
  • Does Jillian actually know right from left? After “Blind Man’s Maze” I’m not so sure.
  • How anticlimatic was it when Evan and Johnny got a brainygauntlet challenge, as opposed to a physical one? And how many of youwere shocked that Evan completed it first?
  • How many more times are we going to have to hear the words “big dog” used on this show?

So Tyrie has left Puerto Vallarta (he wanted to be with his girlfriend who washaving heart surgery), and according to previews for next week a replacementplayer who is “big” and “strong” is coming in. We know it has to be some who’scompeted in one challenge or less, so I’m thinking maybe Eric from RR: CampusCrawl or Kyle from RW: Chicago (er, he actually has a soap opera career, so not so sure he’d want to damagethat image). Whodo you guys think it will be? And what do you guys think of the Veteran guysplotting to throw a girls challenge?