Who needs Vanity Fair‘s scrapped Oscar shindig? With a glitzy, star-studded Academy Awards ceremony on Feb. 24 becoming more and more of a possibility, what with the rumored imminent end to the writers’ strike, it’s about time we start planning our own Oscar bashes! Luckily, the foodies over at have given party planners a head start by creating five different menus for the main event, each inspired by one of the Best Picture nominees.

Yummy as some of the options appear (Mmmm… flourless chocolate cake with chocolate glaze), there are a few surprising omissions: Where’s Juno’s hamburger phone-inspired meal? And no milkshakes for There Will Be Blood devotees? And shouldn’t No Country for Old Men‘s menu pay homage to the film’s badass villain with at least one dish with “sugar” (or “Chigurh”) in its name? Still, we have to give serious props for their clever inclusion of “one-a-day” baguettes for Michael Clayton fans. And is that an Arrested Development reference we see in the menu inspired by Michael Cera’s starring role in Juno? (Frozen chocolate bananas! Wait, no cornballs?)

So which movie wins your Best Menu trophy, PopWatchers? Are there any other dishes you feel should be added to the mix? And are you with PopWatch’s Gary Susman, who said, “Someone should try to force-feed Keira Knightley the Atonement menu”?