The night before the premiere of its Sex and the City-spirited sister, Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia turned up the heat by bringing out some hottie man candy (mandy?). Cupid’s arrows were flying early as Mia juggled her (too) intense brain surgeon and Adam, Zoe’s man nanny (manny) who just happens to have a BFA in photography from RISD! (Bet more than a few moms out there were wondering how Zoe found a nanny like that.) And finally, we get a realistic portrayal of kissy face, with Mia’s fire-engine red lipstick smeared all over her and Adam’s faces after Zoe interrupts them by arriving home unexpectedly.

WHAT did you think of the outfit Zoe sported to meet her “work husband” Nicholas from Zurich? Only in Sex and the Desperate Careerwives could we get a halter/suit/dress like that and be expected to roll with it. I, for one, just couldn’t. But the work husband/desk mistress story line is one that deserves a LOT more exploring; it would be great to hear our favorite business babes (for now at least) really dig into some meaty real-life issues like this one. Many of you TV Watchers MUST know friends or friends of friends who fall into one of the above categories.

Caitlin (Bonnie Somerville, pictured) also had some smokin’ snog time with that cutie Sam, whom she met while at that shower with Hot Chocolate, who I can’t believe announced last night that she was pregnant?! What?!?! As if her relationship with Caitlin wasn’t shaky enough. So Caitlin freaks out and sleeps with Sam, and Alicia’s only response is “I don’t want to own you, I just want to trust you.” Double what?!?! What exactly does that mean? No wonder Caitlin’s torn up about what to do. Talk about an understanding significant other (whom I will now refer to by her character’s name — Alicia — since she may be around for a while).

The night’s most touching moments — Zoe and Eric longing for thecouple they used to be as they try to find time to celebrate their 10thanniversary, and Juliet (still separated from that lying Davis) tryingto convince her miserable daughter to not go off to boarding school—were scratched like a needle across a record (remember those?) by theshow’s incessantly bouncy soundtrack. If given a moment, I might havebeen moved, but the score leaves me unsure of how to feel: sad? happy?dizzy? nauseous?

How about you guys? I know I’m not the only one still watching… or am I? The word I heard was our Mafia girls might have more flashy fun than the ladies at Lipstick Jungle.Do you think that’s possible? And who will come out on top in the loverealm: Will Caitlin stick with Alicia or flit off again with Sam? Whowill win Mia’s heart: the handsome but overly focused brain surgeon orthe cute but carefree (and young) shutterbug?