Did you know it was National Pancake Week?* You really should. (MLK gets a day, pancakes get a week. Right.) Anyway, be sure to check out our as-random-as-this-holiday gallery of 14 memorable movie breakfasts. The ones you’re thinking of are on there (Pee-Wee’s eggcellent contraption, Uncle Buck’s giant flapjack), as well as some black-and-white ones that in my opinion don’t really do justice to the kind of blinding HD wattage you can get on citrus these days. But if you’re like me, your favorite and very random choice for best movie breakfast was left out. (And so was Pulp Fiction.) In this matter, as with most, I’m all about Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead, in which Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate) is reduced to serving up a whole box of Cap’n Crunch, family-style, in the days before her stoner brother Kenny decides to get his act together and learn to cook beautiful Belgian waffles. (We couldn’t find a photo of either of these moments, but the one pictured is pretty righteous in itself. What’s best is that the frozen pizza box isn’t even in frame — you just have to go on faith that it’s up there.) And you, P-Dubs? What’s your favorite breakfast scene in a movie? What are you eating for breakfast right now? Me: Chocolate doughnut (emphasis on the ugh) with rainbow sprinkles.

*In case it’s too early for you to read between the grill marks, this was basically just an excuse for me to write a post about food. But yes, it’s a real holiday — just ask the folks at the Quaker Oats Press Room.