Hard to imagine that mere mortals like you and I could be more creative than Missy Elliott. Yet she’s abdicated to us the awesome responsibility of naming her new album, due this spring. She’s accepting submissions at her website; winner gets credit in the liner notes and a $500 Adidas gift certificate.

PopWatch’s Adrienne Day and I tried to brainstorm some titles this morning. All I came up with was “Hits ‘N’ Missy” and “Missy Fit.” Adrienne fared better, with such potential titles as “Missy Galore,” “Misstified,” “The Misstery,” “Missery Loves Company,” and, in honor of yesterday’s primaries, “Supa Dupa Tuesday.”

Think you can do better than we did? (And why shouldn’t you?) Want to try out your ideas here before submitting them to Missy? Then go ahead and Get Ur Title On in the comments section.

addCredit(“Missy Elliott: Jim Spellman/WireImage”)