Attention American Idol addicts: “Hollywood’s Not America” is the new “Bad Day.” Indeed, the piano-driven ballad by Ferras, whose debut album Aliens & Rainbows will hit stores this spring, will be the soundtrack by which sobbing, devastated contestants make their exits during Hollywood Week on Idol (Feb. 12 and 13). And lucky for you, Ferras was crazy nice enough to drop by the Idolatry studios and perform “Hollywood’s Not America” smack in the middle of the cubicles. Ch-ch-check out his performance below — before 30 million other folks jump on the Ferras bandwagon next week!

Also, while you’re in Idol mode, catch our latest, loopiest installment of Idolatry, the one we like to call “The Cougar (Disguised as a Leopard).” Annie Barrett staggers, Dawnie Walton raises the roof, and I use the phrase “glistening biceps.” Come on, in the middle of a writer’s strike, how can you resist? (Watch it after the jump.)