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At around 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon, I answered my phone like I always do: “This is Vanessa.” On the other line? Chris Rock. No, he wasn’t phoning in for a scheduled interview — he was calling me on behalf of Barack Obama and “urging” me (in a recording, of course) to vote for the senator in the New York primary today. He said something about principles and a common purpose. I wasn’t listening all that well because the idea that Chris Rock would tell me to do anything, much less for whom I should vote, struck me as ridiculous. It’s not that I think celebrities shouldn’t use their high profiles to drum up support for certain causes (though Stephen King disagrees: read his recent column on the subject); it’s that, well, I wasn’t a huge fan of Bad Company. Plus, you called me at work, on my direct line, in something of a personal gesture. On the other hand, my roommate rightly points out that it was a more effective way for Obama to get in touch with the yuts in comparison to Hillary’s Hallmark extravaganza. Now, maybe if it had been Robert Redford or Paul Newman, or hell, even Tina Fey because she’s just a bad-ass, I would have been all ears. What about you, PopWatchers: Is there a celebrity endorser out there that could change your mind at the polls today?

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