The ''Late Late Show'' host has been booked for the annual White House Correspondents' dinner on April 26
Credit: Monty Briton/CBS

Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson was just sworn in as an American citizen on Friday (Feb. 1), and he’s already hanging out with the president. The Scottish comic announced on his CBS talk show Monday night that his ”first job as a U.S. citizen” will be to provide the entertainment at this year’s White House correspondents’ dinner on April 26 in Washington D.C.

”There are 2,800 journalists in attendance, there is Congressmen, Senators there, military brass, the Cabinet, and I sit at the top table with the President and the First Lady,” he told viewers. ”And I am thinking, ‘Does he know I can?t be kicked out now?’ I thought it would be the big thing, have the dinner and ‘as my last act as president, you go home, Ferguson.’ And I?ll say, ‘I am home!”’

Ferguson will perform two years after an extremely controversial appearance by Stephen Colbert, in which the Colbert Report host performed in-character as a satirical right-wing pundit, mocking President Bush and his policies as he sat just a few chairs away. Last year’s dinner featured impersonator Rich Little, whose performance drew very little laughter and was written off as the result of a rash decision made after the shock of Colbert’s appearance in 2006.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
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