Whether or not you’ve been following the deliberately tedious creationist/transitive property scandal between Conan O’Brien and off-and-on teammates Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I think we can all agree that anything that brings these three together for an extended brawl scene — complete with stunt stair tumbles, slo-mo face smushes, and recycling bin torture — is a beautiful thing. (Scan to about 4 minutes in for the action.)

The three late-nighters all appeared on each other’s shows last night. You can see the Daily Show and Colbert Report‘s segments here, but it’s fair to say both were weaker-willed leadups to Conan’s main event. So who won the actual brawl? Based on a strict formula of facial expressions + reverse pivots x general inanity, I must award last night’s MVP medal to Stephen Colbert during the came-out-of-nowhere dance party. Those were some sick moves for a Frenchman. Also, to my dear seedy warehouse buddy Conan, this is what you get for prematurely shaving that hot, hot beard.