In the last few days, Jason Bateman (via E! Online) and Jeffrey Tambor (via XM radio) have both re-confirmed that they, other Bluth famly members, and producers Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard are getting the cornball rolling for an Arrested Development movie once the strike is over. There’s no script yet, but that’s okay — I’m sure no true fan would mind if everyone went into this project as blindly as they would a first-time karaoke performance of “Afternoon Delight.” Even if the AD movie gets cut from 71 to 63 to 52 minutes long, or winds up entitled The Young Man on the Beach, it’s going to be so good. And now, to whet your appetite for frozen bananas, in honor of Jessica Walter’s birthday last week and because Lucille Bluth is the greatest character from anything ever…

Lucille’s clearly on board. And would you look at that? I’m so excited about this, I just blue myself.