Nine influential music supervisors from TV (including ''The Wire'' and ''Conan O'Brien'') and movies (''I'm Not There,'' ''American Beauty'') tell EW which up-and-coming acts they're loving -- and bet you will too
Credit: Chris Buck

Music supervisor for I’m Not There, The Darjeeling Limited, December’s Revolutionary Road recommends…

CARLA BRUNI ”She makes music with Dave Stewart [of the Eurythmics] and makes love with French president Sarkozy. Irresistible.” (

SCOTT HARDKISS ”My favorite American DJ. His Technicolor Dreamer full-length is out this spring. It’s like a marathon Parliament-Funkadelic holiday weekend.” (

MAGNETIC FIELDS ”With a new album, Distortion, 2008 is the year perhaps that they put leader Stephin Merritt’s name on a Broadway theater or on a New York street sign or a school for gifted children.” (

CASS McCOMBS ”Maybe it’s because I wish my name was Cass McCombs, but I have a particular affinity for him. He’s an undervalued American singer-songwriter.” (

MGMT ”They’re based in Brooklyn. They wear capes and wear them well; it’s style and substance for slow subway rides.” (

MY MORNING JACKET ”Just the greatest. Jim James and his gang of Kentucky outlaws will make the music in 2008 that will inspire all of us to live better lives.” (

Music supervisor for The Wire recommends…

DARKROOM PRODUCTIONS ”They’re a production company. They have a compilation of Baltimore artists coming out in April that is going to be at the forefront of this new attention to Baltimore.” (

MULLY MAN; BOSSMAN; DIABLO ”If one of these Baltimore hip-hop artists doesn’t have a hit single in 2008, I’ll eat my head. The things they’re talking about are forward-thinking: It’s not just gangsta — they’re not afraid to be positive while talking about real things [affecting their community].” (;;

LAFAYETTE GILCHRIST ”Also lives in Baltimore. He’s a pianist and has an ensemble with horns — he creates this jazz that’s somewhere between funk, hip-hop, and jazz. He’s the heir to Thelonious Monk.” (

NICO MUHLY ”A young modern-classical composer in New York. He’s worked with Philip Glass. Nico has an electric-violin concerto that’s going to be really good.” (

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