Credit: Mandi Bierly

I recently changed offices at work and made the mistake of allowing my new neighbors to see my ancient cellphone (pictured, left). (I can’t even recall what year I got it. It’s only slighter smaller than Julia Roberts’ in My Best Friend’s Wedding, but it takes calls and lets me make them, and that’s all I need.) Then, I made an even bigger mistake: I admitted that I still use a CD Walkman (also pictured). It’s not that I don’t want an iPod, it’s just that I’ve survived without one — mainly by hiding my Walkman in my purse when I’m on public transportation and looking somewhat like a terrorist, I suppose, as I try to slide my hand into the bag to adjust the volume or skip a track while remaining undetected.

Now I know the only reason I wasn’t escorted from the building was a well-timed decision to inform my coworkers that I do, in fact, own a flatscreen TV and a DVR. How ashamed should I feel? You can judge me — but only if you admit your own techie deficiencies below…