''Survivor: Micronesia'' cast introductions -- Meet Alexis Jones, Natalie Bolton, and other new reality stars

”Survivor: Micronesia” cast introductions

Alexis Jones
”I think that a woman’s femininity is her greatest strength, especially in this kind of game,” says the 24-year-old motivational speaker. ”It’s like the businesswoman who shows up and kicks ass, but has the audacity to wear hot pink high heels — because she can.”

Erik Reichenback
The 22-year-old Leif Garrett look-alike’s strategy: to avoid planning ahead and to stay completely in the here and now. ”I’m going to take it day by day because that’s how I live. I don’t have a five-year plan or a 10-year plan, I have a rest-of-the-day plan.”

Natalie Bolton
”I want to not be the negative force,” says the 32-year-old bartender/personal trainer. ”I want to be the person to come in and people feel better if I’m around them.” Could be easier said than done considering Natalie’s admission that ”I’m usually pretty bitchy.”

Joel Anderson
Check the pecs! The burly 32-year-old firefighter looks forward to taking on Mother Nature. ”I’m a bit primal,” says Joel. ”I don’t like where we have gone in society with cell phones, laptops — me personally, I could do without all that crap.” Unga-bunga, me win Survivor!

Survivor: Micronesia
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