Pop culture hit and miss -- We rate pop culture for the week of February 8, 2008 including Daniel Day Lewis' SAG acceptance speech, Channing Tatum, and more

* Daniel Day-Lewis‘ SAG acceptance speech moved us almost as much as There Will Be Blood
* Yael Naim: The new star of the Mac ads is like Feist on uppers
* Let ”Freedom” ring! Victor Garber sings George Michael tune on Eli Stone

Near Misses
* Make Me a Supermodel is the first televised aphrodisiac…
* …but skip The Millionaire Matchmaker or you’ll lose that lovin’ feeling
* Channing Tatum joins G.I. Joe. What, The Rock wasn’t available?

* Barbara Walters and Dr. Phil: How about letting Britney speak for herself?
* NKOTB: Not exactly the boy-band reunion we were hoping for.
* The comeback no one wanted: Gene Simmons on The Celebrity Apprentice and Ugly Betty
* Ashley ”the Other One” Olsen.