We’re only 23 days away from Oscar — whatever form it ends up taking, let’s pray Billy Bush is not involved — and that means I’ve got some cramming to do over the next three weekends. You see, I love to be a fully informed Academy Awards viewer, and that means I need to see every nominee in the Best Picture, Actress, Actor, Director, Supporting Actress and Supporting Actor categories.

Problem is, seeing how most Oscar fare doesn’t open till late December, and the awards are so freakin’ early anymore, it’s getting harder than ever to achieve my goal. Plus, the list of nominees always includes at least one movie I like to think of as cinematic Brussels sprouts — a film that is supposedly packed with nutritional content, but doesn’t appeal to my taste buds (unless you wrap it in delicious bacon). And since I’m not really comfortable bringing savory meats to the cinema (rude!), I guess I’ll have to just suck it up and find a way to swallow down There Will Be Blood in the very near future.

Also on my to-do list (but in no way comparable to a greenish-grey veggie): In the Valley of Elah (with Charlize Theron, pictured), Atonement, Sweeney Todd, La Vie en Rose, I’m Not There, and the one with a really long title starring Brad Pitt. (Also: Over Her Dead Body. Man cannot live on cinematic masterpieces alone. And don’t act like you haven’t already made a mental note to order it when it’s On Demand in like six weeks.) Anyway, like I said, I’m gonna be cramming. What about you guys? Which Oscar-nominated flicks (click here for the full list) are you determined to catch before Feb. 24? ‘Fess up so I don’t have to feel so alone!