Snubbed by Oscar Edition

The Must List: February 8, 2008

As the prim and proper Vanessa Loring, Garner practically glowed with maternal warmth and longing. She definitely deserved that baby — and a nod for Best Supporting Actress.

2. JOE WRIGHT, Atonement
Seven nominations for the opulent period piece, but no notice for the director who called the shots. Someone’s got some atoning of their own to do.

3. KERI RUSSELL, Waitress
The only thing sweeter than the treats at Joe’s Diner was Russell’s performance as a pregnant waitress with an eye for pies.

4. CHRISTIAN BALE, Rescue Dawn
In his 20-year career he’s warbled tunes in Newsies, lost over 60 pounds for The Machinist, and eaten maggots in Dawn. So we respectfully inquire: What’s a guy gotta do to get a freakin’ Oscar nomination?

Homer saved Springfield but came up empty in the Best Animated Feature category. We hope you’re happy, Academy — you made the Spider-Pig cry.

6. ”FUNK MCLOVIN,” Superbad
We’ve made our peace with the snubbin’ of McLovin. But ignoring his pimped-out theme song is just criminal.

7. RYAN GOSLING, Lars and the Real Girl
Gosling’s delusional introvert kisses his sex-doll girlfriend in — no lie — one of the year’s most affecting romantic scenes. Doesn’t love mean anything anymore?

8. SEAN PENN, Into the Wild
We’re thrilled for Hal Holbrook’s nom, but the wanderlust drama got shut out elsewhere — including the directing category for Penn, the original Wild man.

9. ANGELINA JOLIE, A Mighty Heart
The real-life story rose and fell on her performance, which culminated with an agonizing, Oscar-clip-worthy wail over the murder of Daniel Pearl.

10. ”POP! GOES MY HEART,” Music and Lyrics
How’s it possible that an awesomely bad ’80s groove and Hugh Grant’s booty shaking don’t equal Oscar gold?
Submitted by Stacey Slimak