Between U2 and Hannah Montana, 3D music movies are totally the new new thing at the box office. And leave it to the ever-innovative Missy Elliott to push that trend even further. Next Monday, TRL and 106 and Park will debut what’s being billed as “the first ever 3D music video,” created by Missy and director Dave Meyers for her single “Ching-A-Ling.” According to the press release I just got, this will “take the game beyond the next level and into a whole new dimension.” That’s right — beyond the next level, without you having to leave your living room!

Or… not. In order to skip on past the next level and see Missy’s awesome history-making 3D whatever, you’ll apparently have to go pick up a pair of special glasses at locations including, uh, “FYE stores nationwide.” I guess the music industry is pretty desperate for excuses to coax us into brick-and-mortar retail outlets at this point. But do they seriously think people are going to get up off their couches and go shopping — just to see a 3-minute video for a decent-ish song that’s not really even a hit yet?

Something tells me I’m not going to be making that trip. And I consider myself a Missy fan! Are any of you in, P-Dubs? And in the meantime, can anyone explain whether or not this whole thing has anything to do with Missy’s recent endorsement of Doritos Collisions, which are sorta similar to Doritos 3D?