''Jackass'' takes over MTV -- Johnny Knoxville reveals his plans for the 24 hours he'll have control of the network

By Dan Snierson
Updated February 01, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

”Jackass” takes over MTV

Wee-Man is drunk and disorderly.
After the little daredevil has a few, ”he’s not scared to urinate, punch, say hurtful things, or hit with foreign objects,” says Knoxville. Confirms Tremaine: ”One time I was at a bar and my leg caught on fire, but luckily Wee-Man was there to pee the whole thing out.

Party Boy — who often wears only a thong and bow tie — gets physical.
”We thought it’d be natural for Chris Pontius, the sexiest man on the planet, to have his own workout show,”says Knoxville. ”Jack LaLanne, beware.”

Steve-O makes time to rhyme.
”Steve-O is convinced he’s a good rapper,” says Tremaine, and thanks to the foul lyrics, ”all it’s gonna sound like on TV is a bunch of beeps.” Adds Knoxville: ”I think his raps are hilarious — for all the wrong reasons.

The Box of Things That Suck is opened.
And inside will sit a cornucopia of rat traps, stun guns, and creepy bondage gear. ”Everything in that box sucks,” explains Knoxville, ”and gets used on all of us.”

And finally…
”We’ll probably have a bunch of MTV executives changing their names and leaving town,” chuckles Tremaine.