''Lost,'' the Grammy Awards, ''American Idol,'' and more

1 ‘Lost’: Episode Guides
It’s been ages since we’ve seen Kate, Jack (Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox), and fellow islanders. So catch up on the story with our boatload of refreshers.

2. Grammy Coverage
Will Bruce Springsteen add another Best Rock Album statue to his shelf, or will he be bested by Foo Fighters this year? Predictions abound!

3. ‘Idol’ Flashback
Since we’re near the end of the audition rounds, we revisit the best tryouts ever (like Sundance Head’s).

4. The Blogtastic Hollywood Insider
Our crack staff of intrepid reporters is hitting the streets of Tinseltown to bring you the latest headlines — including strike updates, casting news, and much more.

5. Jodie-licious!
Taxi Driver. The Silence of the Lambs. Panic Room. We examine the CV of Ms. Jodie Foster, who’s been acting since she was a wee lass (and has the Oscars to prove it).