After reading this Associated Press article about the two Oscars telecasts being planned — one if the writers’ strike has ended, one if it hasn’t — I’m torn. Academy president Sid Ganis said Plan B involves “history and packages of film and concepts that are not normally ones that we would have for the show if we were moving straight ahead.” No one wants that. But then show producer Gil Cates, explaining why writers still shouldn’t picket the Academy Awards, said, “This show, in my view, is really above politics…. It is wrong to treat the show as anything other than a gift from all the people who work in this business, really, to the exceptional talent and the community and the country.”

The country, Mr. Cates? Maybe leave me out of this one. Perhaps you genuinely believe that Oscar night is for we, the people, but I don’t think the masses are on the minds of the nominees. (Nor should they be.) The fact is: Even though I’m someone who would really love to sit down with her favorite meal and a Xerox of her office Oscar pool ballot, as usual, on Feb. 24, my life would go on if the Academy Awards didn’t. I survived without tuning into the Golden Globes debacle thanks to the season premiere of Rock of Love 2.

So, here’s my question: Will you watch the Plan B telecast, if it comes to that? This is the Oscars, not the Golden Globes, so we should have a real host — poor Jon Stewart, as far as we know — instead of Billy Bush. Watching him feel our pain post-packages could be somewhat enjoyable.

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