So two days ago, I announced that my crush on Bones‘ David Boreanaz was “now official.” My close friends (and anyone who walked into my office without knocking) can tell you what followed: the discovery phase. That’s when I go into research mode by Googling, YouTubing, and IMDBing — all important steps in my process of deciding whether this will be long-term appreciation, worthy of the considerable amount of energy I’m willing to invest in his career, or something fleeting (in which case there’s no sense in shaking up my Top 5, is there?). I saw that Boreanaz had starred in two R-rated sex comedies that I hadn’t heard of, 2005’s These Girls and 2006’s Mr. Fix It, and immediately I decided to order them from Amazon so that I can have them for the weekend. This involved two-day shipping. I’m not proud, but it gets worse. I actually got off work on time yesterday, and as I’m walking home, I decided to pop into Blockbuster, which I always forget exists. It had the movies, of course,and I rented them.

Without giving away too much, let’s just say that I tried to cancel my Amazon order, but it was too late. (Me and my two-day shipping.) Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood for Mr. Fix It, but I couldn’t even fast-forward through it. These Girls, costarring Wonderfalls‘ delightful Caroline Dhavernas, was somewhat enjoyable, if only because Boreanaz shows some serious skin and a bit of unexpected charm in a scene where a religious virgin (Holly Lewis) blackmails him into deflowering her.

Anyway, I can’t be the only one who’s made impulse entertainment purchases that they regret. Right? So while I program TNT’s morning Angel repeats into my DVR (progress!), share your woes below. I’m thinking if I get enough comments, I might be able to talk my boss into letting me expense those DVDs. But, you know, no pressure…