The sexiest celebrity smile belongs to… Ryan Seacrest? So says a panel of experts who compiled Victoria’s Secret’s 2009 “What Is Sexy” list, which names several celebs with sexy attributes. I won’t argue with picks like Eva Mendes, Josh Holloway, or Rihanna, but Ryan Seacrest? Granted, the grinning host is practically named after a brand of toothpaste, but I’ve always found his choppers more unsettling than sexy. They’re two perfect semi-circles of gleaming marble slabs; they look like the World War II memorial in Washington. Read a little further into the AP article linked to above, and you’ll see that Victoria’s Secret is presenting the list next month in a TV special on E! that’ll be produced by… Ryan Seacrest. Ah, well…

Oh, and sexiest funnyman is Dane Cook? Really?