Credit: Michael Linnsen/London Features

Dig out your banana clips, dust off that “I (heart) Joey!!” pin and get ready… cuz the New Kids on the Block are getting back together!!

Okay, that might not be totally true. The Internet is chock full of reports and rumors that the Boston boy band is planning a reunion of sorts. But the details are sketchy. Are they embarking on a reunion tour? Recording an album? Or is this all just a big publicity stunt for a new reality show called “Making the Band: NKOTB Style”? (I just made that title up. There is no such show. Although I’d probably watch it… Fox, call me!)

At this point, who knows? Danny Wood has posted blogs on his MySpace page denying the rumors. But the band’s official website has coincidentally reemerged after quite some time in the dark, playing a “new” song by the Kids. PopWatch contacted several publicists and managers associated with the band and its members,but those who responded declined to comment.

Whether the rumors are true or not, the real question remains: Does anyone even care if NKOTB gets back together? Do you really want to see 40-year-old Jordan Knight doing the “Hangin’ Tough” dance? Can Joey McIntyre even hit those high notes in “Please Don’t Go Girl” anymore? And is this what Donnie Wahlberg’s career has come to? Who would actually go to these hypothetical shows?

Well, me, for one. I’d totally go. No, seriously. If for no other reason than to witness the absolute hilarity of seeing a bunch of thirtysomething women regress to a mass of screaming girls again. I’m not judging — I’d be right there with them, probably shrieking “I love you, Joey Mac!!” just like I did back in 7th grade at my first concert ever. Stop laughing. You know I wouldn’t be the only one.

So if the rumors are true… would any of you PopWatchers plunk down the cash to catch Donnie, Danny, Jordan, Jon, and Joey one last time?

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