You don’t have to be a faithful follower of Adult Swim’s whacked-out comedy series Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! to appreciate the exquisite incompetence of Dr. Steve Brule — played to loose, loopy perfection by John C. Reilly, and not to be confused with ex-NHL forward Steve Brule. For the uninitiated, here is a “best of” site where you can learn many of Brule’s Rules (my favorite, “Living on your lonesome,” offers tips that make it “a little less AWFUL”). While you’ll surely spot Reilly-as-Brule on the season 1 DVD of Tim and Eric, due in April, I was geeked to see him pop up on the show’s Jan. 27 second-season finale where, as seen about three to four minutes into this clip, he reviews (and wears) wine.

Having spent way too much time watching and re-watching Dr. Steve Brule, I’m starting to want some backstory: Is Brule a psychologist? A guidance counselor? A misguided podiatrist with dreams of TV stardom? It wouldn’t be a stretch to speculate that he idolizes Dr. Phil because, like Doc McGraw himself, he seems to marvel at his own brilliant insights. But while I’m laughing, I’m also trying to decide — help me out, PopWatchers — whether Dr. Steve Brule is a character who could carry his own movie, or whether this doofy humor is best prescribed in small doses. While you try to decide, check out Dr. Steve Brule’s local news segment about fresh produce (after the jump). For your health.