As you probably know by now, it’s the Super Bowl this Sunday, and even those of us who watch it just for the commercials (guilty!) and the excuse to pound a 40 on a school night, have a new reason to tune in, courtesy of our corporate siblings at Sports Illustrated. Check out their very funny gallery of potential casting ideas for “Super Bowl: The Movie.” James Cromwell as Tom Coughlin? Laurence Fishburne as Michael Strahan? Or how about Ned Beatty as Robert Kraft? Wouldn’t the phrase “tossing the ol’ pigskin around” take on entirely new and awkward shades of meaning?

Funniest choices: Haley Joel Osment (right) as Eli Manning (left; SI points out that they both still look like they’re 11 years old) and Tom Brady as Tom Brady (apparently, not even Hollywood can top the golden-boy quarterback’s own performance as himself).

How about you, PopWatchers? Are you going to watch the game? If so, who would you cast in your own movie version of the Super Bowl?

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