According to Variety, New Line is rebooting the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, à la the recent reboots of Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (and the upcoming reboot of Friday the 13th), but this new Nightmare is apparently going to star someone other than Robert Englund as Freddy. A reboot seems like a bad enough idea (or at least a superfluous one), but no Englund? C’mon, he made that series. He’s not like the less-than-verbal slashers in the other franchises. You can’t just put any lunk behind the burn scars and clawed glove. Sure, New Line can cast someone younger who can make Nightmare movies for years to come, but for most of us, when we see Freddy Krueger, we’ll close our eyes and think of Englund.

Who’s going to start the “Keep Robert Englund” petition? Who can think of an actor who would do a better job? And who wishes the studio would just leave well enough alone?

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