Country fans, don’t cuss me out, but Faith Hill’s music has always had a narcoleptic effect on me. Bland, blond, blah… I just didn’t get what all the fuss was about. (In gossip-land, I admit she’s piqued my interest for things like turning up at the 2001 American Music Awards with a gutsy, albeit ill-advised, haircut and scolding a fan who got handsy with husband Tim McGraw during a 2007 concert.)

But now, after watching her wrestle “That’s All Right, Mama” to the ground, I’m gonna rethink my position. The video — a performance shot for ABC’s 2007 TV special Elvis: Viva Las Vegas — debuted on the country star’s official website today, and it proves Faith has more fire than I thought.

PopWatchers, let us know: Do you think the country-pop hitmaker does the King’s song justice? And would you like to see more of this side of Faith Hill?