Credit: Alex Bailey

Once again, the AMC theater chain is planning a marathon screening of all five Best Picture nominees. Starting at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 23, the day before this year’s Oscars, you can watch Michael Clayton, followed by There Will Be Blood, then Atonement (pictured), followed by Juno, and finally, No Country for Old Men. This seems kind of like a punishing day — not because it’s 12 solid hours of movie-watching, but because four of the five pics are so grave and serious. (I was hoping they’d put Juno last, so the marathon could end on a cheerful note, but maybe it’ll work better as a palate cleanser between Atonement and No Country.) All-day passes are just $30 and are available now at the AMC website, which also tells you which of its theaters across the country are screening the Oscar showcase.

We’re hoping one of you PopWatchers will take up the gauntlet, especially because we tried to do this last year and didn’t get very far. Volunteer below; tell us why you should be our guinea pig brave marathoner. (Please include your e-mail address, so that we can get back to you.) If you are chosen, you’ll get to describe the experience for all your friends here on PopWatch.

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