Among today’s birthdays: John “Good Morning, Angels” Forsythe turns 90; postgraduate Katharine Ross is 68; Tom Selleck is 63; Oprah Winfrey is 54; director/actor Ed Burns is 40; Heather Graham is 38; and Sara “Darlene” Gilbert is 33. But the birthday that most stood out for me was Marc Singer, who turns 60. Really? The Beastmaster himself (left)? 60? Wow, that really makes me feel old, especially since I feel like we haven’t seen much of Singer for, oh, about 20 years. Which reminds me, Kenneth Johnson’s long-awaited sequel to V — his novel V: The Second Generation — is finally coming out, on Feb. 5. Surely a mini-series will follow. So stay by the phone, birthday boy; your agent should be calling any time now.

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