“We’re ready to go back to work,” John Stamos told Hollywood Insider during the Sundance Film Festival last week, referring to ER‘s hiatus during the writers’ strike. “We have nine more episodes [to shoot this season]. And as awful as the strike has been — of course, I’m all for the writers — I think we’re going to get another season out of ER, a 15th season. So that’s the one good thing about it.”

NBC says that a decision has not been made regarding ER‘s fate next season, but the 44-year-old Stamos does have a point about it being a show that some folks take for granted. “It’s like having a beautiful painting in your house and for 15 years you keep walking by,” he said. “I tell them, ‘Stop and look at this painting.’ This show is just as powerful as almost anything on television right now. It still has legs. Which show casts three times and is still in the top 20?”