I’m sure it’ll get better. It has to, right? Blair Underwood (pictured) will be Gabriel Byrne’s patient every Tuesday night on In Treatment, HBO’s new series about a thoughtful, brogue-y therapist. As you probably know, the show’s on five times a week, and you can watch some of it online. I personally wasn’t too jazzed about first episode, which featured Laura (Melissa George, a.k.a. Lauren from Alias), a woman who’s convinced herself she’s in love with Dr. Hotness. Having read virtually nothing about the series until last night, I took it upon myself to guess at what ailed Laura and all I could come up with in the first 15 minutes was that she had multiple personality disorder because her accent kept changing. At first I thought it was Southern; but George is actually from Australia, so…. huh? Great raccoon eyes, though. Helped with the “about to pounce” element of her storyline.

All in all, it was a really slow half hour. There were perks, though. I’m a big creepy voyeur and love the idea of watching someone’s therapy sesh, so I think the up-close-and-personal aspect of the show really works. The two characters just as easily could have been performing on a stage. Also, I was thrilled to hear at least a few lines out of Byrne’s mouth. I’ve been watching season 1 of Mad Men over and over and it irks me to no end that Betty’s therapist never says a freakin’ word, even when she asks a question (usually: “Can I smoke in here?”) And the opening titles for In Treatment inspire me to drink more water, and that can only be great for my health.

Did you like In Treatment, and if not, will you stick it out ’til the end of the week?