NBC’s revamped American Gladiators is such a huge hit that MGM is going to bring back the kids version of the show, Gladiators 2000. Check out a jocked-up (because he’s wearing a jersey) Ryan Seacrest as G2‘s co-host, unfortunately not wearing a Huge Upper Body costume like the Gladiators in that show. Personally, I’d rather watch reruns of Nickelodeon’s GUTS on the GAS network. Why the hell did they stop running those? Horrible executive decision. Miss you every night, Mo! Anyway, here’s Ryan, below. (Thanks to PopCandy for the heads-up on the clip.)

You know who could totally win Gladiators 2000?’s own Fuel and Cupcake.

Do you think the return of Gladiators 2000 is a good idea? I only do if it can seamlessly merge Kid Nation to create one huge joke.

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