Cary Grant, Ralph Bellamy, ...
Credit: His Girl Friday: Everett Collection

So,the writers’ strike got you down? Suddenly wishing you actually enjoyedreality television so you could at least have something to fill yourlonely nights? Worry no more, fellow PopWatchers, because the Internetis here to save the day!

Thanks (ironically) to copyright laws, a lot of old movies are cominginto public domain and being put online for anyone with a good Internetconnection (and a lot of patience) to see. A whole lot of them can befound on the (perfectly legal) Internet Archive, and I’ve been watching a few classics nowthat my schedule is, ahem, a bit more free. What surprised memost was how well old movies held up to my modern, pervy, standards,such as the fantastic, Sorkin-esque His Girl Friday (featuring the fast-talking Cary Grant, Ralph Bellamy, and Rosalind Russell, pictured) or James Cagney’s excellent turn as a well-meaning bureaucrat trying to fix corruption in Great Guy. Even an old Max Fleischer Superman cartoon I used to enjoy as a kid was up on the site, and stillsurprisingly enjoyable. In fact there were so many movies to see, Ialmost didn’t get around to writing this blog post, as I was so busycoordinating between browsing IMDB’s Movies By Year lists for interesting-looking films andseeing if the Internet Archive had any of them upyet.

So I ask you, PopWatchers, what hidden, old-timey gems canyou find online? Because I’mactually sleeping at nights, and that’s just all manner of wrong.

addCredit(“His Girl Friday: Everett Collection”)