The following IM conversation took place at approximately 11 a.m. ET between myself and the totally-happily married Abby West (who writes PopWatch’s Bones recaps).

When was the last time you IM’d, emailed, or phoned a friend on a closing day to sanction a crush?

Mandi: dude. i am in love with Boreanaz now.
a little.
i watched the season 2 Bones DVD in 2 days.
i thought i was just into Booth
but then i spent an hour watching Boreanaz interviews on YouTube.
and i kinda heart him now.
that is all.
Abby: you see!!!
told you!!!
I’m not just a boy-crazy spaz.
Mandi: well, let’s not jump to THAT conclusion
Abby: um, well, okay. true
but still
Mandi: i think he’s going to be one of those men who gets better with age.
he’s less beefcake and more MAN
Abby: he’s kinda awesome and I will take you down to get to him if ever I need to.