Colin Farrell, Alexander
Credit: Alexander: Everett Collection

The Screengrab recently posted a list of the 10 Worst Movie Hairdos, prompted by Javier Bardem’s No Country for Old Men ‘do. And while it’s true that the bargain bob in question obscures the actor’s stone-cold hotness, I’d hesitate to file it under ‘Worst.’ After all, Bardem created one of the most frightening characters in recent screen memory with his Oscar-nominated turn, and his hair contributes to the overall mood, whether or not anyone ever goes into a salon and asks for “The Anton Chigurh.”

I think The Screengrab’s list should have focused more on the kind of hideous that looks so wrong and incongruous that you end up skipping the movie (or failing to enjoy the movie) because of it. For me, the best recent example has to be Colin Farrell’s blond catastrophe in Alexander (pictured). What was that mess all about? And while we’re on this hairy topic, who else should’ve made the cut (badum-bum)?

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